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Our music is used in MTC aerobics classes. It's based on LDS hymns with upbeat tempos -- there are no lyrics -- just great music that's perfect for your workout and appropriate for missionaries.


what makes the music great

The music you'll find on is based on Christian Hymns and Classical Music. You won't hear any distracting lyrics or repetitive words -- all the music is instrumental. And don't let the genre fool you: the music is upbeat and perfect for aerobics -- walking, running, or cardio classes. The tempo ranges from 130 to 146 beats per minute. Each album also has a warm-up and cool-down track at or below 130 beats per minute.

Almost all of our music is arranged with a 32-count format--specifically for aerobics by an aerobics instructor. Each album is used in aerobics sessions before it is put up for sale -- it's tried and tested! We guarantee your satisfaction. Click on one of the albums and listen to a sample track. You'll enjoy the variety and the beat.

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